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Carlos Rosales
Carlos Rosales has been in business leadership roles for 35 years. Ten years ago, Carlos launched FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston to help grow and develop a variety of business leaders (Retail Businesses, Insurance Agencies, Web Developers, Professional Photographers, Home Builders/Remodelers, Financial Planners, etc.). Through his work at FocalPoint, Carlos discovered Convene and was drawn to the concept of integrating Faith and Business.

As a Convene Chair in the Houston area, he engages business owners and CEOs in a team environment to profitably grow their businesses and increase their leadership impact using peer to peer collaboration and one-to-one coaching.

Christian CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners join Convene to:

  • Leverage Business Experience for Organizational Excellence, Maximum Profits & Best Decisions
  • Connect To High-Capacity Peer Group In a Risk-Free, Non- Judgmental & Confidential Environment
  • Receive Executive Coaching and Leader Development with a God- Honoring Perspective
  • Be Equipped and Inspired Towards Greater Integration of Faith, Business, & Purpose


Carlos has been able to help his clients achieve great success. In 2010, one of his clients won Franchisee of the year. He also serves a client that has been in business for 136 years – the oldest furniture store in the state of Texas. Another one of his clients has been selected as a Five Star Wealth Advisor by Texas Monthly Magazine for the fifth consecutive year.

Community is important to Carlos. He is involved in and looks for ways to give back to his community. Carlos has actively served in leadership roles at Boy Scouts of America for the past 30 years. He is a member of Champion Forrest Baptist Church and is a Graduate of Leadership North Houston (leadership development program).

Carlos Rosales


Chair - Convene
July 2012 – Present
Convene works with Christian CEOs and Business Owners nationally to define and live out their journey of success to significance through one-to-one mentoring and monthly peer-to-peer brainstorming sessions. These business owners seek to connect what they do and who they are. The goal is to be who God created us to be and become the best leader possible through ideation and accountability. The leaders are dynamic, and topics are genuine – the challenging issues of business are discussed as peers to identify areas of growth and improvement for their companies.
Vice President - RosLan & Company, Inc.
January 2008 – Present
Managing Partner - FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston
December 2007 – December 2016
FocalPoint Coaching of Greater Houston is recognized for excellence in bringing about meaningful change in the lives of its clients. Our passion is to empower business owners to reach their goals and regain control of their lives.
Certified Business Coach - FocalPoint International
December 2007 – December 2016
I work with Business Owners to help them maximize their efforts and reach their goals faster than they thought possible.
Strategic Sales Director - John M. Floyd & Associates
January 2005 – January 2006

  • Responsible for a start-up sales office, including the day-to-day operations of the strategic sales team to drive maximum sales activity to the company’s bottom-line
  • Responsible for strategic sales team based on the JMFA hiring process
  • Created and implemented a training program for strategic sales team Responsible for public relations and community relations and events Handled conflict resolution with clients and prospects
  • Mentored and trained sales team to ensure they achieved daily/weekly/monthly sales goals
  • Acted as liaison for the strategic sales operations (IT, administration, corporate, etc.)
  • Managed human resource documentation, budgets, building management and facilities
  • Created new business accounts and contacts for JMFA revenue and referral opportunities
Brian Tracy International Coach-Total Business Mastery Live Seminar
January 2011 – January 2011
Regional Vice President - Gravograph
December 2007 – January 2008
Territory Manager
August 2004 – November 2007
Territory Manager - Melco Embroidery Systems
March 1994 – March 2004
Managed Territory of South Texas
Territory Manager - Ford Audio Video
2002 – 2004
Independent Consultant - Primerica
1990 – 1991
Director of Marketing - The Zig ZIglar Corporation
February 1981 – July 1986
As the Director of Marketing I was responsible for all marketing activities and managed the inbound sales team.
National Sales Manager - Westcott Communications
1985 – 1985

Carlos Rosales



Discovery Your 10X Lifestyle in Jesus Christ


Professional Direct Marketer
Certified Professional Leadership Coach



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