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Our MisSion


“To create continual revenue streams for Non-Profits and to develop kingdom leadership within the marketplace”




Doing what is right no matter the circumstance.



Relentlessly improving our personal and professional life.



Supporting and giving hope to others.



Keeping our faith bigger than our fears.



Putting our family before our own success.



Building strong, more confident leaders.

Proven Success

How we operate

We are fair and ethical and follow through with all our commitments to our employees and clients. We focus on our strengths so we can maximize the impact we have on our clients. We LISTEN, value conversation, and talk things through. We collaborate and encourage new divergent ways of thinking in order to: overcome challenges, solve problems, and make lasting improvements.

We act with honesty and transparency and treat our employees and customers like family. We are committed to the highest level of integrity and will not compromise the truth under any circumstance. We believe in encouraging, empowering, and treating others with the utmost respect. We our dedicated to learning and improving our business as well as our personal lives. We recognize, that at the end of the day, our faith and family come before everything.​


Boost in Productivity


Increase in Organizational Strength


Our Story


Upward Aim started as a coaching and consulting company that eventually evolved into a greater vision. We now use our organization to support ministries throughout the country. Our ultimate purpose is to create continual revenue streams for non-profits and to develop kingdom leader within the marketplace. We execute this mission utilizing 3 simple principles:

01. Impact

Make a difference in people’s lives.

02. People Matter

Drive human worth and effectiveness in the workplace.

03. Lead

Become the provider, employer and investment of choice.

Proven Success

Our Coaching Model

“Leading well is not about enriching yourself – it’s about empowering others”

— John Maxwell

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